The archival collections of OA+D Archives are being cataloged as resources permit. Select one of the inventories below to examine what is presently available on-line for research use. Processing of the A. Louis Wiehle collection is serving to set presentation standards and currently has the most available illustrated records.

Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1953-1973). A major archive documenting over 60 years of involvement with the Taliesin Fellowship, Taliesin Associated Architects, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. includes original drawings, prints, photographs, slides, negatives, digital files (external hard drive), ephemera, magazines, books, and correspondence. Approximately 10 linear feet.
Alden Dow Associate/Architect. Large collection of Dow Studio-related material plus Bell’s own work, including numerous 35 mm slides, magazines, and articles. Approximately 10 linear feet.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1958). The bulk of his architectural office records, including most plans and correspondence. Approximately 20 flat file drawers and 25 linear feet of shelf files. 
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1950). Practicing architect in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Gift of Barbara Fritz Dresser. Approximately 300 sets of plans and flat material (1953-2015). Approximately 10 linear feet.
Alden Dow Associate/Architect/Designer. Drawings, printed materials, 35 mm slides. Approximately 5 linear feet.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1932). Bulk of surviving materials related to Fyfe’s architectural work; includes original drawings, prints, correspondence and large lot pertaining to Taliesin Fellowship. Approximately 10 linear feet. 
Bruce Goff Associate/Architect. Bulk of his architectural records, drawings, slides, and ephemera. Approximately 7 linear feet. 
Historian/Author/Architect/OA+D Co-Founder. Materials related to Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin Associated Architects, Purcell & Elmslie, and other organic architects, including post cards, posters, architectural plans, books, etc. 5 linear feet.
Secretary to Bruce Goff (University of Oklahoma, 1950-1955). A large group of materials related to Bruce Goff, the University of Oklahoma and the Friends of Kebyar. Approximately 6 linear feet; 30 flat pieces, and other. 
Collection queued for processing. Author, poet, and educator who taught at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin (1991-1998). Collection of materials associated with her time at Taliesin and friendships over the years with the Taliesin Fellowship and Taliesin Fellows, including Ling Po, John Amarantides, Frances Nemtin, Cornelia Brierly, and others. Includes original artwork, prints, photographs, ephemera, jewelry, books, and correspondence. 3 linear feet.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1965-1969) Historian/Author. Materials related to Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin Associated Architects, and organic architecture, including hundreds of architectural plans (cyanotype, blue line, and brown line), artwork, printed ephemera, Frank Lloyd Wright Schumacher textile samples, slides, photographs, books, etc. 30 linear feet.
Historian/Author. Architectural models of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Burley Griffin houses; books related to the work of Wright and Griffin.
Frank Lloyd Wright music stand restoration documentation; 35 mm slides, etc. 1 linear foot.
OA+D Archives Board Member. Bruce Goff glass fragments, etc. 1 linear foot.
Frank Lloyd Wright licensee. Donated by William Minnich, son of Valentine Minnich, founder of the manufacturing company. Two circa 1955 wooden vases and the original drawings done in collaboration with Frank Lloyd Wright. Approximately 2 linear feet.
Client of Bruce Goff, architect [Dodge City, Kansas]. Biographical and Goff commission related information. 1 linear foot.
Frank Lloyd Wright contractor. Kalamazoo/The Acres commissions field plans and construction images, including 6 sets of plans and scrapbook of photographs. 1 linear foot.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1955). Group of drawings, photos, personal effects and correspondence relating to Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin Fellowship, and his private practice. Approximately 2 linear feet.
OA+D Archives Co-Founder. Materials related to Frank Lloyd Wright (especially the Imperial Hotel), Taliesin Associated Architects, Louis Sullivan, and other organic architects, including architectural plans, architectural building fragments, postcards, printed ephemera, specification books, textiles, slides, photographs, books, etc. 10 linear feet.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1955). Taliesin Associated Architects materials; and records of the Khalita Humphrey Theater [documents and photographs] and Gillin house by Frank Lloyd Wright. Drawings, plans, photos, slides, negatives, specifications books, ephemera, and magazines. Approximately 6 linear feet.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1955-1995). Substantial collection of materials related to projects of Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Associated Architects. A significant resource for material on the Greek Annunciation Church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Approximately 5 linear feet.
Grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, son of Wesley and Svetlana Peters. Large collection representing the bulk of the estate. Includes a major decorative screen by Eugene Masselink, other Masselink paintings and artwork; large volume of personal items including scrapbooks, photo albums, correspondence; a significant amount of architectural material from Wes Peters’ Evansville career (1933-36); a portfolio of his Box Projects, an original copy of the 1910 Wasmuth Portfolio, personal items such as clothing, etc. Approximately 15 linear feet.
OA+D Archives Co-Founder. Materials related to Frank Lloyd Wright and organic architecture, including architectural plans, original art, architectural building fragments, printed ephemera, textiles, slides, photographs, books, etc. 10 linear feet.
Historian/Author. Frank Lloyd Wright materials related to Taliesin, Hollyhock House, and several restoration master plans for a variety of buildings; includes photographs and correspondence. Approximately 5 linear feet.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1950). Major New Orleans Architect. Collection de-accessioned by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to OA+D Archives. Approximately 50 rolls of plans; may include photos, newspaper articles, etc. Approximately 6 linear feet.
Historian/Author/Architect. Approximately 60 35 mm slides by David Henry, 216 photos from his book The Prairie School Tradition, etc. Apprximately 2 linear feet.
Recent owner of the Thomas Hardy House in Racine, WI. Two original Frank Lloyd Wright-designed art glass windows from the Hardy House.
An assemblage of records related to the Taliesin Fellows, an organization of former members of the Taliesin Fellowship. Materials include administrative correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and publications, including the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows. This collection is strongly related to administrative and editorial files contained in the A. Louis Wiehle Papers.
Taliesin Fellowship Apprentice (1950-1964)/Architect. The bulk of his professional records from the 1950s to the mid-1980s, with additional projects related to restorations of Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner buildings during the 1990s and 2000s; and materials related to the Taliesin Fellows organization, including the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows.
Daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright. Gift of William Blair Scott, Jr., including all materials in the possession of Iovanna Lloyd Wright at her passing in 2014. These materials are primarily related to the Dance and Music Festivals held at Taliesin. Other materials include late correspondence, some dance costumes or other clothing, books, and related material. Approximately 6 linear feet.
Bruce Goff associate/Author/Architect. Bulk of architectural records including approximately 2,000 plan sheets and a library of over 300 volumes related to organic architecture. Approximately 25 linear feet.